About QA

About the Qadri Academy, its history, structure, facilities and staff


The Qadri Academy was founded in 2015, with the collaboration of Raza Academy. It arose as a response to the need for reliable Islamic education in Mauritius based on the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah.

Qadri Academy was set up as an Islamic educational institution to provide a conducive platform where education emanating from leading scholars can reach the Muslim audience easily, with an emphasis on oral transmission of knowledge of Deen.

Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

” Celui pour qui Allah veut le bien, Il lui facilite l’apprentissage de la religion; certes, la science de la religion s’acquiert par transmission orale. “

[Sahih Al Bukhari: Chapitre La Science, sous-chapitre La Science avant les paroles and les actes.]


The Qadri Academy is managed by the Sunniy Insitute of Training and Education (SITE), a registered institution with the Registrar of Association in Mauritius. The President is Mohammad Iqbal Oozeer, who is also the Mutawalli of Shaikh Abdul Quadir Jilani Masjid, and is assisted by Zakhir Etwarooah.

Ustadh Qari Mansoor is the Principal of the Qadri Academy.

The Administration of the Academy is supported by four Class Coordinators, two Assistant Class Coordinators and two Administrative Officers.

Courses at Qadri Academy are currently being delivered by eight scholars in both in-class and blended learning modes.


The Qadri Academy offers the following facilities to students:

  • Two lecture halls (men & women), air-conditioned, with projector and audio system
  • Separate eating areas (men & women)
  • Praying area for women (Men pray at the Masjid)
  • Wudhu khana
  • Admin Office (men & women)
  • Parking area

The QA Team


Class Coordinator (CC)

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Class Coordinator (CC)

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Class Coordinator (CC)

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Class Coordinator (CC)

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Administrative Officer

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Administrative Officer

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Assistant Class Coordinator

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Assistant Class Coordinator