About Us

PYSF is a non-profit 501c (3) organization (tax id 46-0468229) that was formed in the year 2002. It is governed by the following all volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the organization and are responsible for hiring the Director and Head Coach who oversees the operations and finances of the organization.

Board of Directors:

  • Stephanie Ashworth, President
  • Karen Werner, Treasurer
  • Kate Glasson, Secretary
  • Cully Davis, Co-Director of Development
  • Pam Larkin, Co-Director of Development
  • Christopher Brown, Communications and Community Relations
  • Kate Humphries, Legal Counsel
  • Larry Mayne, Director of Assets and SYC Liaison
  • Tim Murphy, Insurance Coordinator
  • Andrew Rist, High School Sailing Liaison
  • Anne Wright, Events and Hospitality Chairperson