ILP Documents

Individualized Learning Plan Process

You'll choose any CSTP to start with, though we strongly recommend beginning with...well...the beginning! CSTPs 1 and 2 make really great foundational inquiries to start with during your first year, but it's your journey, so go forth and choose your own adventure. And have you noticed that the CSTPs are conveniently color-coded for ease of use? This color-coding continues in each CSTP-specific document so you're always sure you're on the right one. Additional documents are purple because they represent your professional growth as an educator, or CSTP 6.

Instructions are provided on each of the documents and your Mentor is the real expert, so don't hesitate to ask questions. In fact, these documents are not designed to be "filled out" by the Candidate alone. Rather, they are collaborative working documents to be completed as you learn with your Mentor.

When you meet for an average of an hour per week, you'll discuss hot topics of the moment (I can't find a stapler! Help!) as well as long-term goals you have. Those longer-term goals are the basis for your Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs).

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