Graduation 2024

Peace Wapiti Academy Graduation 2024

Congratulations future Graduates.  As you embark on your final year at PWA be encouraged to stay the course.  Keep up the studying, keep up the participation in extracurricular activities, invest in the relationships with your fellow students. Volunteer.  Be active in the Student Grad Executive, whether you have an "assigned" role or not.  Vote.  Use your voice to have and share your opinions.  Be kind.  Many will take risks this year to make your Graduation ceremonies memorable; show consideration to those who are actively doing work, and also those that came before in this work of Graduation. 

Enjoy the year.  Make Memories.  Build lasting friendships. 


PWA Grad FAshion SHOW: 


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Email / Contact Info 

Under FOIP protocols, we are only allowed to send emails regarding fundraising, sponsorship etc.  if we collect them voluntarily from parents or guardians.  Please fill out the form below (click on the button) to give us use of emails for Grad planning/ fundraising, 

*Please note this information will be shared with Dry and Safe Grad Committees. 

Parent Grad Executive Roles and Responsibilities

2024: Jaclyn Bryce (co-chair)

(Treasurer) Destiny Riewe

2023: Amber Heetebrij

2024: Brittany Oracheski

2023: Amanda Newell

Prepare monthly school newsletter contribution (emailed _____) by last Wednesday of each month) as a GOOGLE SLIDE 

2024: Lynn Driedger

2023: Corrie Adey

2024: Dianna Robertson

2023: Jason Mazurkewich

2024: Rhonda Meroniuk

2023: Sue Henheffer

2024: Erin LaFond

2023: Faye Bell

2024: Alison Gustafson

2023: Joanna Polacik

2024: Caralee Bower

2023: Carrie Robins

Download a Volunteer App (eg. or sign up Genius ) and organize event volunteers, send out emails and reminders etc, print off the lists for the events.  Create a QR code for teachers for Parent meetings.  My recommendation would be to ask them to advise you of the volunteers required well in advance and post the link on Facebook to allow people to complete their own personal information and fill their own spots. Communicating with decorating on a regular basis.   NEVER cancel Volunteer already booked because things are always changing and people do not show up. 

ASK decorating committee for a detailed list of jobs needed for set-up & take-down. 

Teacher Liaison: Josie Thibault

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