PVUSD Technology Cadre Digital Portfolios

“To be an effective 21st century teacher, a teacher must first possess the very same skills that their students are expected to have.

And, in addition to those skills, they must be able to help all the students obtain and develop 21st century skills.”

Mamzelle Adolphine

The PVUSD Technology Cadre PD Program assists teachers on how to better integrate technology in their curriculum. With an emphasis on transforming pedagogy to more accurately reflect Career and College readiness skill development, utilization of the 4Cs and innovative approaches to technology, teachers participate in the year long Tech Cadre.

Multiple hands on training sessions are held throughout the year. After each session, teachers plan and implement a technology infused lessons. At the beginning of each session, teachers share what worked, what didn't and how they would improve the lesson for the future. Having a peer group to share ideas with, collaborate on projects and reflect on the experience is a powerful component that is purposefully baked into the program.

Teachers develop a final Digital Portfolio website to show their lessons, student samples and reflections. A year end celebratory Technology Showcase invites other teachers, community members, parents and students to see the digital projects and work. Come learn how to effectively utilize technology within the CCSS while incorporating the shifts in 21st century teaching and learning!

This website contains the portfolios from the advanced PVUSD Certified Google Teacher and the Intermediate Level Cadre, divided into the years of participation. We invite you to be inspired!

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