Language Arts/ Literature, History, & Yearbook

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Teacher Website- General homework will be posted, however your child’s Google Keep will be the most accurate way to get information about daily homework and upcoming assignments. This website is updated by 4:00pm every day. If you have any needs, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. or 805-484-2811.


Papers with no name: Look for it in the No Name folder. Papers without names do not earn full credit.

Papers without a proper heading and title: All papers must have a complete heading (first and last name, classroom number, date, and class period). All handwritten titles must be highlighted.

Late Work:

  • If you are absent, you have an equal number of days to turn in your work. You should call a friend and check the website the night of when you are absent. Upon returning, please bring me, Miss Sontag, a list of the work you need. I will not chase after you for your late work. It is your responsibility to remember to turn it in.
  • If you were present in class and forgot to turn in your work: You have two days to turn in your late work for partial credit. After two days, the assignment will not be accepted for credit.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. My email address is (Don't forget that 2 in there! Otherwise, another teacher in the district will get it).

Miss Sontag

6th & 7th Grade Language Arts & Literature

Twitter: @Sontaglpssa

Los Primeros School of Sciences and Arts

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