Science (7th and 8th Grade)

Mrs. Brown

2020 - 2021


Welcome to middle school science!! I’m so looking forward to meeting and getting to know each and every one of you! Over the course of this year we’ll learn to think like scientists by asking and answering questions using a special process called the scientific method. The scientific method is a super useful tool that helps you to find solutions to all kinds of problems that you may encounter in your day-to-day lives. You actually use the scientific method all of the time even though you might not be aware of it so don’t worry - this will be easy :) You’ll build your analytical skills by exploring data and you’ll build your skills of argumentation and persuasion by making conclusions about your findings. We’ll also learn that part of being a scientist means that you will sometimes make mistakes and that’s OK! We learn from our mistakes and become even better scientists from that process.

Important Stuff:

  • Where do I find the Zoom meeting link?: Find the link to get into our daily Zoom meetings in Google Classroom. Click on the “Classwork” tab and find the item titled “Zoom Meeting Link”

  • Where do I find out what we’re doing each day?: Check the “Agendas/Due Dates” tab on this class website

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  • Where do I find my grades?: Check Student Connect and/or Parent Connect. Your assignments will be graded using the District approved grade scale and will fit into one of four categories including assessments (tests/quizzes), classwork, homework and extra credit. Please review the respective syllabus for your class which can be found in Google Classroom under "Distance Learning Resources" or in the "Class Resources" tab in this website.

  • In order to have a successful and meaningful distance learning experience, we all need to follow the same set of expectations. So, here they are. Please read over and follow the CHAMPS board below and make sure that you know what will be expected.