6th Grade Art


Inspirational Words

6th Graders used line, shape, pattern, and repetition to create a symmetrical design based on one word.


6th Grade students are working on their Pixel Art creations, using squares to render objects and characters inspired by the work of Georges Seurat's pointillism and modern versions of pixel art through 8 bit video game characters

6th Graders are learning about color mixing and while using block ink took two colors and blended them using a brayer to create a monoprint.

When new tools become available it often changes the way we create art. Technological advances will enhance our students' experiences in art. After making a hand-drawn pixel project, students will be creating a computer version using Photoshop to see how they transfer that knowledge into a digital form of art.

6th graders designed large scale pixel art projects and cut out 2 X 2" squares to create an enlarged image. First marking period students completed an artist's palette and this Viking Art sign.

6th graders have been learning about line, shape, pattern, and color and how to create an effective composition using these elements and principles of design. Their first project is called Geometric Star and uses line segments connected to create a design.