Leslie J. Allen


Leslie J. Allen

One word that describes your journey or path


Current job position

Technology Integration Facilitator

What were you like in middle school?

I ran the 16mm projectors for my teachers! We did not have computers or even calculators when I was in middle school. Four-function calculators became available and affordable when I was in 12th grade.

What types of courses did you take in HS?

Math & Science

What was the one course you took that has served you throughout your life? Why?

In middle school I took typing (on a typewriter). Touch typing has been the best skill as I have progressed through life.

Was your Information Technology experience attained though on-the-job experiences or through a formal educational path?

On the job training

Where did you get your first exposure to Information Technology and start your training/experience?

Working for government contractors for the Satellite Control Facility for the USA.

What was your path? How did you get from where you started to where you are today?

I worked after college as a secretary. I landed a job with a government contractor to the Air Force for the Satellite Control Facility for the United States. I was over-qualified to be a secretary because I had a college degree (they said, but I needed a job!). After I passed my background investigation and was granted top-secret security clearances, I was allowed to work on the satellite projects. I started as a computer operator and progressed over the years through configuration management, data base administration, software design, software test, and finally program management. I retired when I had my second child, and when I was ready to return to work, I decided to become a teacher. I'd done a lot of technical writing so my skills allowed me to pass the AZ tests easily. I have always loved Information Technology and so after about 10 years in the classroom, I decided to work in Information Technology for the district.

What trait(s) or characteristic(s) do you see in yourself?

When I was 15 my father said if I was going to drive a car, I needed to know how to maintain it. I rebuilt my first engine when I was 16. I need to know how things work. I love to fix things, solve problems, answer questions. I am not the "What if?" person; I am the "I can make that happen" person. I am an implementor.

Words of wisdom....

Be confident in yourself. Find your passion - what you enjoy doing. Be a life-long-learner - embrace change. Find a mentor who will provide guidance and encouragement.