16/17 Activities

Cluster Thons

Description: The computing and biotechnology behind PV's Cluster (cluster.pvschools.net) initiative. Hands on activities and informational sharing on what you and we can do at home and school. Come hear/see how PV's young women are leading this movement in PV, indeed launching what K12 can do across the country.

Audience: K12 PV students, parents, employees.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fall/Spring

Contact Karen Mensing for info (kmensing@pvschools.net)

Field Trips - Internet of Things

Description: Hands on activities, telepresence and interacting with corporate engineers, innovators and thought leaders throughout the world.

Audience: Middle and High School PV students

Dates: Week of May 1, 2017

Location: Cisco, Phoenix

Contact Jill Felty for info (jfelty@pvschools.net)

Improving the Internet through Digital Citizenship

Description: Celebrating the awareness and value of PV's Digital Citizenship (digitalcitizen.pvschools.net) initiative. Breakout sessions and hands on lessons regarding the eight standards; Digital Literacy, Cyberbullying, Footprints, Security, etc.. What can each of us do in collectively shaping the future of social behavior and good.

Audience: K12 PV students, parents, teachers, administrators, schools

Dates: October 24th & 25th, a panel discussion for parents/guardians/employees and activities led by sixty women from the Executive Women's Forum raised awareness in over 1,600 PV students. (more info...)

Contact Jill Felty for info (jfelty@pvschools.net)

Careers and Scholarships

Description: Backed by Counselors for Computing (C4C), PV College and Career Counselors along with post-secondary Advisors, will provide a variety of information sessions for PV girls, parents and counselors to consider in pursuing information technology careers.

Audience: High school young women and parents, HS counselors and administrators.

Location/Date: Fall/Spring

Contact Koni Withers for info (kwithers@pvschools.net)

Code a Thons

Description: On and off grid activities with computational thinking, coding, robotics, phone apps and raspberry pi's. Lead by PV educators and students showing some of the latest in theory and application. Discussions of resources available and ongoing through our partnership with Code.Org.

Audience: PV students, parents and educators.


  • Fall/Spring

Contact Janice Mak for info (jmak@pvschools.net)

ASU Outreach

Description: ASU site tours and hands-on activities.

Audience: HS PV students

Location/Dates: ASU/Fall and Spring

  • Advanced Research and High Performance Computing
  • Decision Theater

Contact Leslie Allen for info (leallen@pvschools.net)

Create a Thons

Description: Creation activities with electronic building blocks, 3D printing, and design interface. Lead by PV educators and students showing modern ways to create with information technologies.

Audience: PV students, parents and educators. Particularly applicable for homes, clubs and library media centers.


  • Fall/Spring

Contact Cori Araza for info (caraza@pvschools.net)

Real Life Stories

Description: Women throughout the PV community share the intersection of information technologies with their careers and lives in short, power-packed stories.

Audience: PV students, parents, employees and community members.

Location/Dates: April 28th, HHS Auditorium, 5:30-7:00 pm

Contact Vicky Raymond for info (vraymond@pvlearners.net)

Network and Data Centers

Description: Tour and activities at carrier-class network and data centers. These centers form the hub of critical information technology infrastructure. Discussions include, design, security, redundancy and reliability. Zayo, a corporate leader in fiber and cloud services will host the events.

Audience: PV young women students

Location: Zayo Network and Data Centers

Date: February, 2017

Contact Jeff Billings for info (leallen@pvschools.net)

Cisco Corporate/Stanford University

Description: Executive Briefing and hands-on activities at Cisco Corporate in Palo Alto. See what keeps the Internet working, the Internet of Things, the future of Smart Cities, Smart Campuses and Smart Homes. Cisco is the largest provider of networking equipment in the world.

Tour Computer Science and Pande Lab (Folding/Biotechnology) at Stanford. Come see the heart of the largest super computer system in the world. One, where PV is a significant participant through our Cluster initiative. Find out why Computer Science is now the #1 major of women at Stanford.

Application Invite only - all expenses covered. Chaperone provided.

Audience: One young woman/student (9th, 10th, 11th grade) from each high school.


  • Cisco/Stanford, Palo Alto California, June 2017

More coming here...