NCHS Counseling

Social and Emotional Check-In

If you are needing support during this time, please fill out a check-in request form and a staff member will reach out to you.


7:00 am to 3:00 pm on school days

Appointments: (602) 449-5015

Fax: (602) 449-5005

CEEB Code: 030316

Counseling Program:

The counseling and guidance services at North Canyon High School includes School Counselors, Social Workers, Administrative Assistants, Registrar, Records Clerk and College and Career Center. See below for contact information and links to staff information.

Guidance Counselors

Ted Skowron

A - C

(AVID 11th)

Grades 9 - 12

(602) 449-5083

To learn more about Mr. Skowron, visit his page.

Sam Costanzo

D - G

(IB Coordinator)

Grades 9 - 12

(602) 449-5089

To learn more about Mr. Costanzo, visit his page.

Bethany Reynolds

H - Me

(AVID 10th)

Grades 9 - 12

(602) 449-5082

To learn more about Ms. Reynolds, visit her page.

Riley Darveaux

Mi - Sc

(AVID 9th)

Grades 9 - 12

(602) 449-5080

To learn more about Mr. Darveaux, visit his page.

Amanda Wood

Se - Z & ESL Students

(AVID 12th)

Grades 9 - 12

(602) 449-5084

To learn more about Ms. Wood, visit her page.


A counseling relationship requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence which must not be compromised by the counselor except where there is a clear and present danger to the counselee or to other persons. The School Counselor or Social Worker may share information gained in the counseling process for essential consultation with other appropriate persons specifically concerned with the student.

Support Staff

Heather Messinger

College & Career Specialist

(602) 449-5031
To learn more about , visit her page.

Kelly Washburn


Social Emotional

(602) 449-5086
To learn more about Ms. Washburn, visit her page.

Office Staff

Stephanie Chavez

Records Clerk

(602) 449-5021

Sweetwater Night School:

PVUSD offers night classes at no cost to students. Call (602) 449-2302 for information. View the list of 2020-2021 classes here.

If the traditional high school format does not meet your needs, you can check out Non-Traditional Phoenix Schools