Ms. Clark's First Grade

Welcome to Ms. Clark's Class

Where the thirst for knowledge burns bright and strong!

I would like to welcome you and your child to the wonderful and exciting world of First Grade. You will be amazed by how much your child will grow this year. You and your child’s kindergarten teacher have already planted the seeds of learning. During First Grade those seeds will grow and blossom, allowing your child to become an accomplished and successful first grader.

I am committed to helping your child grow socially, emotionally, academically and behaviorally, by providing a stimulating curriculum in a safe environment.

Through our Core Knowledge curriculum, your child will be introduced to everything from the Boston Tea Party to the Ziggurats of Ancient Mesopotamia, from the human body to volcanoes.

Your support and involvement is key to your child’s success. I look forward to having you participate in many different ways; i.e., working in the classroom, assisting from home, and joining our celebrations.

Get ready for a fun, exciting First Grade adventure!!!