FROST ends May 12

Many thanks to all who helped make this year a success...We'll be back at it next year.....

Free tutoring is now available for all grade levels! Questions may be posted in the Google Classroom at anytime!

Log in to your email/PV Schools account, join our Google Classroom and Post a Question/Request

td3ygz is the code to join

The "About" tab has info on How to Use FROST, the FROST NHS Tutors, and resources you might want to know, etc..

You can post a question anytime and we'll try to respond within the next business day, or less. We're online a lot too...;-)

Or, if you post during M-Th, 4:30-7:30 pm, excluding holidays, even if to request an audio session, we should reply to your post within 15 minutes.

If you need help getting into the Google Classroom call 602-449-2395, M-Th, 4:30 to 7:30 pm, except holidays.

Quick Resource below on Posting - also in FROST Classroom under the About tab.

FROST: Posting a Question or Request

Tell your friends, tell your parents or guardians, tell your teachers - we're here to help you succeed!