PowerSchool Student Information and Login

Student PowerSchool login information has changed for the 2017-2018 school-year.

You can find your new PowerSchool login in an email that will be sent to all HS and MS students school email account by August 24, 2017. Your school email account login has not changed. In the email, you will find login information for a number of school managed online resources. If an additional login is assigned during the year, or if a login is changed, a new email will be generated to your school email account. Refer to the most recent email when looking for login information.

Web address to PowerSchool is: ps.pvcsd.org/public

All new students to PVCSD can find out their PowerSchool login credentials by visiting the Tech Office in the High School or the Middle School.

The email will also include login information to resources such as:

  • Your Laptop number and login credentials, Volunteer Access, IXL, Castlelearning, Spelling City, etc.

PowerSchool will allow you to see information such as:

    • Your schedule, your grades, bus information, etc.

If you have not received your PowerSchool Login, please email your building tech support for assistance. You must use your school email account to send this email.

MS = lsherwood@pvcsd.org

HS = dgreen@pvcsd.org

10th Grade Checklist.docx