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Last held September 8th - 10th, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia

A three-day gathering for puzzle lovers, collectors, and makers of all kinds

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Includes a reference guide to all the boutique puzzle companies at the time of printing, puzzle articles from our community, and a great Puzzle Yoga stretch routine!

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Day 1

Friday 9/8

WE had a great time breaking out the scroll saws, and taking turns cutting out wooden puzzles! Afterwards, we all got down to the serious business of puzzle assembly. Puzzles were brought out to play and be shared from everyone's personal collections! 

Image provided by Sarah Schuler, borrowed from the 2022 Puzzle Parley.

Day 2

Saturday 9/9

Saturday was the bulk of Puzzle Jam South, starting with our Puzzle Market selling all kinds of jigsaw puzzles. It was Open to the Public, and we were happy to buy all the puzzles from new and unique puzzle makers. 

We broke for lunch, then reconvened for the Speed Puzzling competition. (Look for updates later on times and teams who one!). Followed by a cutting workshop, then more Puzzle Play time.

At the evening workshop, we met up at Decatur Makers, to watch the laser cutter and paint our own Georgia wooden puzzle keepsakes. 

Image provided by Jessica Komarow, borrowed from the 2022 Puzzle Parley.

Day 3

Sunday 9/10

Sunday morning will be our last gathering, with learning all about puzzles! We will have our Southern Maker AMA round robin, and an Extra Special Surprise Event that you don't want to miss. Don't forget to get all your new friends' contact info before traveling back home!

Image provided by Jessica Komarow, borrowed from the 2022 Puzzle Parley.

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We are just getting started, but still wanted to be like the cool kids and have tshirts + etc. available for our puzzle fans! 

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Our Goal 

To share the love of puzzles and teach the making of puzzles with all puzzle enthusiasts of the Southeastern region of the United States

Image provided by Tammy McLeod, borrowed from the 2022 Puzzle Parley.

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