controls automation

lightweight, low-cost, complex control systems; development in automation to make life easier

IT consulting

communication platform management, SEO, network management, legacy interface, inventory management

data management

wide base of data input and management strategies to allow ease of access for our users

process intelligence

user tailored business intelligence solutions; built to help leaders find new efficiencies and value systems

why IT

The information age offers new tools to businesses who wish to make informed decisions. puzzle is adept at closely tailoring BI and IT solutions to immediate business value. Contracting with puzzle is an investment in infrastructure that can yield immediate results.

why puzzle

puzzle was founded in a utilitarian spirit, and we continue to seek the best for all our clients over a simplistic bottom line. We're in the business of solving problems quickly and succinctly, and we get more experienced at that every day.

automation experience

Our controls and automation background allows us to bridge gaps that more traditional IT firms are uninterested in. Combining information technology with cutting edge automation tools is often the most rewarding and lucrative part of our work.