Mr. O'Neal's


Welcome to Mr. O'Neal's PHS website. My name is Michael O'Neal. I teach geometry, trigonometry, and calculus at the high school. I am also the co-head senior sponsor for Purcell Schools.

2016-2017 Daily Schedule

  • 1st Hour(8:15-9:00): Trigonometry
  • 2nd Hour(9:05-9:50): Trigonometry
  • 3rd Hour(9:55-10:40): Geometry
  • 4th Hour(10:45-11:30): Calculus
  • ENCORE/STUDY HALL (11:35-12:05)
  • LUNCH (12:05-12:45)
  • 5th Hour(12:50-1:35): Trigonometry
  • 6th Hour(1:40-2:25) Geometry
  • 7th Hour (2:30-3:15): Planning Period


Phone Number: 405-527-4400

Fax Number: 405-527-4410

HS Room Number: 125