Hong Kong Young Learners Storytelling Competition 2022

Our stories bring us together.

Our stories bring us together.

Creating and telling stories bring joy and satisfaction to Young Learners. It encourages Young Learners to bring learning to life. It also creates a participatory and immersive experience through storytelling. Young Learners always enjoy hearing the English language in a lively, stylistic and entertaining way. Participation in storytelling using key vocabulary and phrases can create an awareness of rhythm and structure. This also creates an appetite and thirst for more similar experiences. Students who have enjoyed storytelling often feel motivated and encouraged to create and tell, act out or illustrate their own stories in a variety of ways.

To promote care, love and respect in the community and families, Pui Ying Secondary School (PYSS) has organized a storytelling competition with the theme of “Love”. It aims to elevate English standards among primary school students of Hong Kong in a fun and interactive manner. It amalgamates the art of storytelling with language-based writing and oratory skills with enjoyment. As a result, Young Learners will find themselves telling wonderful stories amazingly and enjoyably.

The objective of this competition is to enable students to gain confidence in reading, writing and oratory in the English language through a storytelling competition. Throughout the competition, students will have ample opportunities to polish and sharpen their language skills, demonstrate their language proficiency and garner their public speaking confidence.

Honorary Judge

Dr Ewan Wright is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education and Human Development at the Education University of Hong Kong. He is also a Research Fellow at the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change. He holds a PhD from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong. He is currently conducting a University Grants Council funded research project on international education in the Greater Bay Area. He is the programme leader of the online and part-time Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership and Change that is designed to develop leaders with the capacity to operate successfully in an international leadership environment and lead educational change in East Asian contexts. He has published commissioned research reports for international organisations such as the International Baccalaureate and Round Square.