Pre-Integrated Math

Class Activity Log

10/13- Today we handed out 2 new worksheets dealing with simplifying exponents. We started with the Glenco 4-5/ 4-6. For those students who were able to finish, they began work on the Simplifying Exponents worksheet. The biggest obstacle facing most students as we get into exponents are mostly one of two things. 1) The negative exponents & 2) raising exponents to another power. Students should use the exponent rule sheet that was handed out on Tuesday 10/11 (there is the link below)!

1) With negative exponents just remember that the negative in front of the exponent switches the term to the other side of the fraction. So if it is up top- it goes to the bottom. If it is on the bottom- it goes to the top.

2) with raising an exponent to a power it will help to write out the entire term in the parenthesis as many times as the outer exponent says to. This will help keep things straight. When we multipy similar terms with exponents- we keep the base and add the exponents. But when we raise them to another term- we are multiplying the whole term by itself that many times- so we multiply the exponents.

10/12- Today we continued on the "Exponents- Expressions & Patterns" packet we started on 10/11. We went over it as a class and answered questions.

10/11- Today we went over simplifying exponents. We watched some Khan Academy videos on exponents, and exponents to the power of 0 as well as completing the practice problem that correlated with those videos (intro to exponents & practice exponents) .

We started on a packet (Exponents- Expressions & Patterns) we will work on in class, and then we went over the homework assignment for the night.

Homework: Students are to take the Exponents Rule Sheet and make 6 flashcards- 1 for each rule on the sheet. Here is an example of what the flashcard should look like. This is due at the start of class on Wednesday 10/12.

Past Assignments

Integer Timeline Assignment

PEMDAS Square Puzzle