Room 2

Puhinui School

Room 2 have good Netiquette...

The word netiquette is a fusion of internet and etiquette. Internet as in the World Wide Web (www) and etiquette as in unspoken rules of society. It is a term that has been coined to describe appropriate behaviours and conventions while using the internet. This site is an extension of our classroom. This means just like our classroom we want to create an environment that is a safe place for everyone to learn new things.

Room 2 follow these steps...

Here are some things we can do to show we have good netiquette:

1. When we are commenting or publishing work we only use our FIRST names.

2. We are sensible and kind to others.

3. We do NOT write any of our details (phone numbers, addresses and personal email addresses) online.

4. When we put photos online of other people we make sure we have their permission and we make sure the photos are nice so no one feels embarrassed.

5. We make sure we proofread all of our work before we publish it.

For more ways to stay safe visit...