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Parent/Guardian Needs Survey is now available. Please take a moment to complete the survey so that we can ensure that the counseling department is meeting the needs of your student(s). Students will be participating in a student-centered needs survey, as well.

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Small Groups are currently being planned! A girls' group, Changing Families (divorce, separation, and loss/grief), a Boys' group, and a Social Skills group. If you would like your child to participate in a small group please contact Mrs. Barrows. Teachers and parents are able to refer students; students may also self-refer. Once referrals have been made, and days and times are set for meetings, you will receive a permission form outlining the information that will be shared, dates and time for meetings, as well as other pertinent information. Small group participation is voluntary and relies on parental permission for students involved. If you have suggestions for small group topics, feel free to share them!

My name is Katie Barrows, and I'm so excited to be a part of Baca Elementary! This is my first year as a counselor on the elementary level, but my third as a counselor. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from Ohio University (GO CATS!) and a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Human Development (with a school counseling emphasis) from Walsh University. I moved to Colorado in 2014 from Ohio because I accepted a position as a school counselor through the Colorado School Counselor Corps Grant. One of the things (out of many) that has excited me about working here with the students at Baca is the philosophy of No Excuses University, that the entire school embraces; all of our students will be prepared for and attend college.

A Note about Confidentiality

As a counselor, I take confidentiality very seriously. It is my ethical obligation to ensure that I keep what is told to me in confidence; whether it be a parent sharing something with me regarding their student or a student meeting with me. Without your permission; I can not and will not share any information with anyone. Students have the same rights to confidentiality. When parents/guardians are curious about what happened during a meeting or conversation with their student's school counselor, I encourage parents to ask their students questions and open the lines of communication with their student. With that said, there are limits to confidentiality. When abuse, neglect, or threats of harm to self or others are disclosed; then I am ethically and legally obligated to report the information to the proper agency or people.