“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

—Steve Jobs

3.1 What is passion?

Passion is a strong, emotional commitment. When we are passionate about something, we are committed to making a difference. We care deeply about the things we commit ourselves to and look for the same attitude in others as we build our team.

3.2 The benefits of being passionate

We want to find our passions because it helps us to:

  1. Be productive and play in our sweet spot, much like how athletes in teams have their ideal, preferred playing positions. As a company we want to fuel that as much as possible. We want every person in the team to be able to manage themselves because they love what they do. Stephen Covey elaborates on this by saying: "If you can hire people whose passion intersects with the job, they won't require any supervision at all. They will manage themselves better than anyone could ever manage them. Their fire comes from within, not from without. Their motivation is internal, not external."
  2. Grow both personally and within our team. We value self-motivated, self-driven people who take initiative to get things done. Everyone in our company should be responsible for taking ownership of their passion(s) to move forward both personally as well as with their role in the team.

3.3 Tips on being passionate

  1. Understand the team’s passion (and make sure it intersects with your own). As a team we want to be passionate about things that enhance people's lives and genuinely make this world a better place. While being profitable in our journey is crucial to our success and the impact we can have on others, we are not passionate about earnings alone. Financial gains are our means to become better at what we do and have a larger impact on the areas that we're passionate about.
  2. Ask the right questions. On a personal level, we can discover what our passions are by asking the right questions. What causes the most frustration in our lives? What do we dream about when we close our eyes? We want to encourage our team to think about their passions and discover them. That way we can help each other play in our “ideal position” and hire people with similar passions.
  3. Create room to be passionate. We cannot be passionate if we don't have the resources to be passionate, which is often the case when we're too busy putting out fires (e.g. fixing critical issues that must be addressed a.s.a.p.). We can create room to be passionate by sticking to the processes we’ve put in place as a team to minimize the chances of ending up in ‘survival mode’. By doing so we can innovate areas that desperately call for our attention and add value to the things we're passionate about.