Pubflow Consulting

I have cultivated extensive connections with hundreds of publishers across various industries. These publishers offer a diverse range of traffic sources, including email, native, social, display, push, sms, and some calls.

Leveraging my network provides a unique opportunity to expand your distribution reach significantly. You can tap into a broad audience base without the need to search for elusive opportunities at large conferences or events.

Drawing from my experience, I excel in constructing thorough vetting and compliance processes from the ground up. These procedures effectively mitigated a lot of fraudulent traffic, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability.

With years of experience working closely with these publishers and understanding their unique traits, I can offer specialized training to your affiliate manager. They will learn effective strategies for managing the publishers I refer to you, ensuring optimal partnerships and results.

With a track record of creating streamlined processes from the ground up, I possess a keen knack for enhancing efficiency. Collaborating with your team, I'll delve into your existing workflows, meticulously identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to elevate them.

Through my extensive network of publishers, I've cultivated meaningful connections with individuals across those various organizations. With a keen sense for identifying top talent on the move, I can assist you in discovering your next superstar. 

About Me

Greetings! I'm Ashleigh Arnaud, the visionary behind Pubflow Consulting. With a career spanning over five years in the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing, I've crafted a journey that I proudly call my home.

My story began on the softball field at Louisiana State University, where my passion ignited. This journey of discovery led me to attain a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and further my expertise with a Master's Degree in Sports Marketing from Texas Woman's University.

In 2018, I embraced an opportunity that arrived via a single-line email, leading me to OBMedia—a decision that proved to be truly transformative. Joining the company during a pivotal phase when it was still a modest team, I started my journey as a Publisher Support Analyst. I swiftly dove head first into this amazing industry, cultivating enduring relationships with publishers that remain invaluable to this day. I was promoted to the role of Vice President of Publisher Relations in 2021 where I was guiding an extraordinary team of account managers, operations assistants, compliance specialists, and creative minds, I reveled in the privilege of orchestrating impactful strategies.

July 2023 marked a new chapter as I embarked on an exhilarating venture: the proud CEO and Founder of Pubflow Consulting. Here, I facilitate connections between advertisers, networks, software companies, or anyone in need of traffic to untapped publishers. Simultaneously, I empower publishers to explore new opportunities, offers, and data to fuel their growth.

Join me in my mission at Pubflow Consulting, where I'm committed to fostering growth, connections, and results. If you're ready to steer your affiliate marketing to new heights, let's connect!


Skype: aarnaud_14