Required Paperwork for Spring Schooner School

This page is for registered Schooner School Students Only.

All paperwork for this course is required before participation in any physical activities.

Paperwork is due no later than the start of class on February 21st.

The course fee of $40 dollars is due no later than the start of class on February 21st. Checks must be made out to the Northwest Maritime Center.

Please fill out and return the following paperwork in the following ways.

Printed Paperwork and 2 Online Applications/Forms:

  1. NWMC Waiver and Medical Form
  2. Schooner Martha Waiver
  3. SAW Statement (See google document below).
  4. Port Townsend School's Assumption of Risk Form
  5. Paid your $40 fee to NW Maritime Center.
  6. Online SAW Registration will occur during our first class February 14.
  7. Online Adventuress Voyage Registration: htYtps://

Required Student Assignments

  1. AMSEA Pre-Test. Students will take this in class at start of course.
  2. Copy of your WA State Boater's Card - Submitted to Sonia Frojen or Kelley Watson
  3. Instructional Log with Independent Project Log.
  4. Students must keep an ongoing instructional log of their coursework and attendan and submit at end of course.

Creating a Secure Access Washington and Worksource Account

Required Paperwork and Adventuress Welcome Packet

Student Assignments