PTHS Vessel Operations CTE Class

Port Townsend High School Vessel Operations

2nd Period CTE course at PTHS

Teacher: Kelley Watson

Explore and Prepare for a Maritime Career within the school day as a Port Townsend High School Student. This course will introduce you to the safety and skills needed to work and play on the water.

  • Washington State's Boater's Card
  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • United States Coast Guard Certification as a Drill Conductor
  • Study and take United States Coast Guard Level Navigation Exams for 100 Ton Captain's License
  • Pilot and Sail aboard Northwest Maritime Center Boats and local Schooners
  • Learn Deck General Skills
  • Help with winter maintenance aboard the Schooner Adventuress
  • Sail aboard the Schooner Adventuress
  • AND - Explore Maritime Careers

Vessel Operations Syllabus 17 - 18.docx