Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC)

Chiang Mai Athletic Conference

CMAC was formed in 2002 by the six original member schools (Prem, GIS, CMIS, NIS, LIST, APIS). It was formed in response to the international schools in Chiang Mai having some organized games, however the athletic directors (AD's) of the international schools wanted to take it that to the next level. As such we founded CMAC, with a set constitution and a full calendar for sports. With CDSC admitted as a member in 2005 and UCIS becoming a provisional member in 2018, the conference has grown to eight schools than runs a three season model. Our calendar sees season games, tournaments and meets in a wide range of sports for our youngest athletes all they way up to the Varsity level.


The mission of CMAC is to teach and instruct students in the rules, fundamentals and skills of various individual and team sports; to provide physical training and a physical outlet for adolescent energy; and to provide healthy competition and cooperation within and between schools, thus instilling in each student the best principles of good sportsmanship.