We believe that all Parsippany students should acquire digital literacy, technology proficiency, cyber-safety, and 21st Century skills in an environment that encourages the acquisition and transference of these skills to real life experiences. We recognize that our students are exposed to the largest amount of news and information that the world has ever known. We further acknowledge that many of our students grow up to harness these information resources to be masters of social networking. Yet, by themselves, our students do not master the crucial digital information and digital literacy skills necessary to compete in an increasingly complex, demanding, and competitive world.

To develop these 21st Century skills they not only need routine, equitable, access to technology within their academic settings, they need adult guidance, supervision, and mentoring, that can best model and leverage these technologies for real world application. They need the access and modeling that can provide additional opportunities to learn about the design process, computational thinking, video production, multimedia design, and coding in group and teamwork settings where collaborative problem-solving, peer feedback, and reflective thinking is valued and appreciated.

You, as the parent/guardian of a high school student, play a vital role in supporting your child in being a good steward of this powerful tool and in assisting your child in making informed and responsible decisions. As our world becomes increasingly tech-savvy, it is our responsibility as educators and parents to ensure that our students use these technologies in productive, ethical, responsible, and appropriate ways.