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Modern Language Association Formatting and Style Guide

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General Rules

  1. The purpose of the citation is to give credit to the author and to enable the reader to retrieve the work cited again. Keep this in mind: Is the information you are providing accurate and complete? Will the reader be able to return to the source you are citing?
  2. Punctuation and capitalization in electronic addresses are vital in allowing the reader to return to the site. Check this carefully (or cut and paste it directly).
  3. Most databases provide cut and paste citation for you to use. You MAY copy these directly.

Newsela Citation

When referencing a Newsela article, use the following MLA format:

Original Author's Last Name, First Name, and Additional Author(s). "Title of Article." Title

of Newspaper via Newsela. Edited by Newsela Staff, Version Lexile, Date

published, <URL>.