PTHSD Field Conditions

Field and facility status

  1. This page will be updated by 3:00 PM each weekday if there is an update/change.
  2. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited on school property by law.
  3. Permits must be available for inspection by school officials at all times while on the field.
  4. School functions, whether regularly scheduled or because of rescheduling, shall take precedence over all permits.
  5. Motor vehicles of any type are not to be driven beyond specific parking areas.
  6. Trash must be placed in proper trash receptacles or organization will incur clean-up expenses.
  7. The Board of Education expressly reserves the right to revoke any permit and/or revise the rules and regulations for school facility use at its discretion.
  8. There must be suitable and adequate adult supervision of all activities while on school premises.
  9. Effective June 25, 2018 until further notice, access to the Parsippany Hills High School Home Side Bleachers will not be permitted.
PTHSD Field Conditions