Team 4

Team Four is the Year 5-6 team at Pt England School, which is located in Glen Innes, East Auckland, New Zealand. The school is made up of over 600 learners, the majority of whom are Māori and Pasifika.

As a team we have the privilege of teaching in 2 brand new ILEs - one three classroom space for the year 6s and one two classroom space for the year 5s. We also have a large single cell classroom in the team this year as well. All our learners use Chromebooks 1-to-1 for their learning.

Feel free to 'borrow' anything from our site anytime you like. We love to share and have you teach and learn along with us! We are also available at the below email addresses.

Contact us

Matt Goodwin - Team Leader

Room 7 - Year 6

Migi Siō

Room 6 - Year 6

Kelsey Parrant

Room 8 - Year 6

Angela Moala

Room 9- Year 5

Hannah West

Room 10- Year 5

Pip Heger

Room 11- Year 4/5