PT Engineering Inc.

Structural Design & Consulting


Established in January 2020, PT Engineering Inc. is a privately owned engineering consulting firm based in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are proud to have successfully completed 70 commercial and residential projects in our initial year of operation. For the year 2021, we completed more than 130 projects.

PT Engineering Inc. provides structural engineering design and consulting services for architects, contractors, home builders and homeowners.

The company offers full structural engineering services for projects ranging from new construction to renovation, repair and retrofit. Our wealth of experience in structural analysis and design ensures versatility and efficiency in the use of wood, steel, concrete, masonry and composite materials.

Our engineering approach uses the current state of the art software programs available for designs and analysis of structures and for production of design drawings to provide the most reliable, efficient and highest quality construction documents.

The chief of PT Engineering Inc. is a professional engineer with over 25 years of progressive and responsible experience in the structural engineering and construction industry. His commitment to constant growth and improvement will provide advanced value-added and cost-effective solutions for you, our valuable clients.

Philip Tungul, P. Eng.

Principal/Structural Engineer