Learning in room 9

upcoming Events and dates

  • Librarian Applications Due (Friday the 15th of March) - Write a brief letter explaining why you want to be a librarian. Give this to Bronwyn in the library.
  • P.E. Mentor Applications Due (Tuesday the 19th of March) - Get a form from Miss Long, fill it in and return it to Mr Stephenson.
  • Class Waterwise - 25th March (12-2:45pm)

Weekly timetable:

Odd Weeks:

  • Tuesday - P.E. and Music with specialist teachers
  • Wednesday - Library
  • Friday - 9am Assembly

Even Weeks:

  • Wednesday - Library / Te Reo / Music
  • Friday - 11:45am Tōtara Team Assembly

Class Spider Web

Marble Run

Collaborative Artwork

Our Mysterious Visitor

Egg Experiment - WALH not brushing your teeth could impact your health.

↑ Egg after sitting in a liquid overnight.

↑ Egg after washing with water.

↑ Egg after washing with water and baking soda.