Learning in Term 2


Explore, describe and share thinking about the sun and moon and earth (and the effect of humans on these).

Students can explore and demonstrate the shape, colour, size of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets of our solar system.

Investigate and understand relationships between planet Earth and its Solar System, galaxy, and the universe.


Children will continue to develop their skills to write recounts including planning, drafting, proofreading, editing and rewriting. They will also be learning to write and follow instructions.

The children will continue learning to spell words from the essential lists.


In addition to learning more number knowledge, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and fractions, the children will also be learning about geometry. This will include identifying two and three dimensional shapes, creating and using simple maps to show position and direction, and describing locations, giving directions including half and quarter turns. There will also be learning experiences focusing on slides, flips, turns and enlargements.

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