Psychodrama Association for Europe

Psychodrama Institute for Europe was living from 1989, August till 2016, June. Now it came in changed form - Psychodrama Association for Europe. We are happy to announce, that with the support of its' members PIfE undergoes major changes in the organization. It will be visible both in this site, as well as in the structure of the organization. This new season of 2016/2017 we will steady make the updates and explanations about all the planned changes. Changes, that will work for good.

Association is dedicated to the enhancement and application of action methods and philosophy created by J.L. Moreno. Therefore the AEP’s mission is:

  • To keep the “idee fixe” alive, that the lifestyle and professional application should be connected with constant source of productivity.
  • To seek that ‘truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less an objective than the whole of mankind’.
  • To develop attitude about psychodrama as a way of life, instead of merely categorized as a therapeutic procedure.
  • To follow attitude that instead of ‘looking at mankind as a fallen being, everyone should be seen as a potential genius and like the Supreme Being, co-responsible for all of mankind’.
  • To foster the ‘awakening of everyone’s autonomous healing center, the power to heal oneself, and that way should be seen the value of psychodrama and all forms of therapy.’
  • To develop spontaneity and creativity as the forms of symbolic pillars for humans to actualize interactions and the interiorized roles on which person relies