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(28 Oct 2016)

Sociometry. How strong and still how invisible stays this field, presented by Jacob Levy Moreno for professional community in thirties of last century. The oldest English encyclopedia Britannica describes Sociometry in following sentences:

"Sociometry, measurement techniques used in social psychology, in sociology, and sometimes in social anthropology and psychiatry based on the assessment of social choice and interpersonal attractiveness. The term is closely associated with the work of the Austrian-born psychiatrist J.L. Moreno, who developed the method as a research and therapeutic technique."

There are few thoughts we need to consider. Psychodramatists do study psychodrama for years. But in order to be really strong, the description of honorable encyclopedia implies where psychodramatists have to be connected with.

First, Social psychology, this scientific field has extremely big field of knowledge. Morenian philosophy with Sociometry may help bring some theoretical insights into social psychology on how people do live in social environment. Yet probably Social Psychology may bring more use to psychodramatists to have big scientific ground.

Second, social anthropology, the science of people's customs, economic and political organization, laws and conflicts among people and other important fields. In short the description is as comparative study of human societies and cultures in their development. Even people live in different social and cultural settings, sociometry may help to understand, why even in various cross-cultural settings there some patterns emerging in similar way. People have their beloved leaders, they usually have those, they keep at the borders of their groups.

Jacob L. Moreno also did his impact on psychiatrists. He brought the term "Sociatry"1. In the professional world there is other term that comes into practice - social psychiatry. This branch of psychiatry studies the interpersonal and cultural impact on person's mental well being and mental disorders. So even this field may be of interest during the studies of psychodrama.

This is exactly these three fields that may be of big help for psychodramatists to learn in order to be stronger specialists in sociometry and psychodrama itself. And yet not to loose identity of being psychodramatists. As the main idea of this short article is following - sociometry gives credits only to the creator of psychodrama, but then later names sociometry as the tool of other fields. Maybe better not to get stuck with willingness to have attention for psychodrama from broad world, but still this is good message how small psychodrama may be in out there, in the large world of socio-science.

  1. Sociatry - Group psychotherapy through the use of sociometric techniques (such as psychodrama or sociodrama). From http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sociatry
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica source - https://www.britannica.com/science/sociometry

Prepared by E. Karmaza. October, 2016

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