Secondary ECA


  • MYP Personal Project Clinic - Struggling with your Personal Project? Here you can get the specialists' help!
  • IELTS Preparation - A course to support students who wish to take the IELTS language exam (which may be required or useful for University placement).
  • Writing Club - Come learn about writing and explore your imagination! Use your creativity to develop your writing skills through different styles and fun activities.
  • Homework Club - ECA where students will work one to one with a teacher to build organisational and study skills. This ECA works with the students needs, giving students from 2 weeks to a whole semester to have support to manage themselves more effectively - Both self registered and teachers nominated students are welcome!
  • French for beginners course is designed for those students who have no opportunity to study French at school. Students will learn the basics of French vocabulary and grammar.
  • MYP Math Help is an open ECA available to all MYP and DP students on Fridays when extra help is needed. This is an excellent way to get help with homework, difficult topics and preparation for tests. No sign-up is necessary this is a drop-in ECA for students to come in and get help when they need extra math support. If you are interested, please, contact Mr. Ron Livecchi


  • Karate - Students will be introduced to fun and challenging martial arts training that will help improve agility, flexibility, strength and motor skills coordination.
  • Gymnastics Improve flexibility, muscular strength and coordination through gymnastics activities and games. Students will be challenged to learn new movements and build routines under the guidance of gymnastics coach.
  • Swimming - enjoy fun swimming lessons at the PSI swimming pool!
  • Climbing is a fantastic way to get fit, build strength and stamina and have fun with other PSI students!
  • Super Saturday Sports Football is a structured extra-curricular activity, designed to build skills, teamwork and sportsmanship, including drills and game plays.


  • Decorative Painting - You will be taught painting on clay, wooden, cardboard and canvas objects.
  • Guitar - Do you dream of becoming a rockstar?! We can help! Come and jam! For beginner to intermediate players.
  • Watercolour Painting - During these lessons students will explore basic elements of water colouring, including different techniques, like: composition and layering, brush usage, drawing shapes, texturing, mixing colours. Students will be taught how to use the basic techniques in creating still-life paintings, starting with the simple tasks, moving on to more complex subjects (from very simple shapes to the compositions with different shapes). Also, students will learn how to make compositional decisions based on the main design principles.
  • Drawing & Watercolour - We will be focusing on drawing and watercolour skills development through project-based lessons.
  • PSI "beginner rock band" - Students would need to have a basic proficiency in an instrument before signing up!
  • Do it like an artist! - We will find out interesting facts and stories about the famous artists. At this lessons you will create your own art master piece in different techniques and styles. We will discuss art in different periods. You will have a chance to understand why some paintings cost thousands of dollars, while some paintings don't.
  • Mixed Media. We will be focused on creating art with multiple media - with a strong focus on traditional and non-traditional collage.
  • Ms. Kessel's Saturday Art Club. We will be focusing on skill development, working with multiple media and creating a collection of work that will be presented to the PSI Community.


  • 3D Printing Club - Using 3D scanner and software students will create a 3D copy of themselves. Students will work on their own project, prepare it for being printed and will learn how to fix 3D mistakes and print their projects out on 3D printer. The course will improve students' three-dimensional thinking, they will work with 3D scanners and 3D printers.
  • Student Tech Integration - In an effort to improve technology use at PSI we are seeking highly motivated and tech-minded students to help pioneer this effort. If you are highly interested in technology use and application and/or highly skilled at specific or multiple technology applications and/or would like to make a positive impact at PSI and help pioneer this mission, please, sign up for this ECA. The benefits of this role would include the following: real world application in the use of technology at PSI, the ability to develop experience in the area of technology which can help build your resume and skill sets, making a positive impact and long-lasting technology impression at your school!
  • Masterclass on making wooden toys - The best way to learn something is to do it. During this course students will make any wooden toys they can imagine. This course also will help students to improve some skills as inquiring and analysing, make planing drawings, improve technical skills and evaluate their success. This course also will help them to success on DT course. Example: wooden truck.
  • Makerspace - During this course students will make a smart house by using Arduino to control sound, light, motions etc. This course also will help students to improve some skills as they identify the problem, communication and evaluate their success. Example: Smart House.
  • Typing Club - In this class we will be using a special website, an online typing tool, to teach your child/ren the touch-typing techniques and to improve their keyboarding skills. Learning to touch type helps students be more productive and further prepares them for success in school and beyond.
  • In Robotics students will build a basic Lego robot and learn to program it move in prescribed patterns. They will also learn how to program the robot to use colour and ultrasonic sensors to complete a variety of tasks and challenges.
  • Fusion 360. 3D modeling is omnipresent in today’s world and it is only going to grow as a sought-after skill. 3D modeling blends advanced technology with creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a fast-paced and detail-oriented environment. During the course students will learn how to make 3D models of their ideas, test fit and motion, perform simulations, create assemblies, etc, by using Autodesk Fusion 360. The course does not include the 3d printer usage.


  • PSI Cheerleading Squad - This program will support the school and will bring people together. This ECA is open to anyone from 5th grade to 11th who wants to participate.
  • KFN Cooking Club - join the club to learn how to make your favourite dishes , like: pizza, pretzels, Christmas cookies, chicken panini, cinnamon rolls, Greek salad, burekas, and traditional Ukrainian Borsch soup!
  • Film Club - Classic Films from around the world will be shown, to be enjoyed and discussed. The first film shown will be 'Spirited Away'. This animated Japanese film is considered "one of the best films of the 21st century" and won the 2001 Oscar for Best Animated Film.
  • Yearbook Club - If you would like to try out your skills in journalism and photography, you are welcome to join us! Every Monday after school I am waiting for your in our Yearbook Club where we will start working on this school year issue! The result of your achievements will be available at the end of this school year for all PSI Community!
  • PSI Salon. Join fellow PSI secondary students as we discuss a different social, political, or entertainment topic each week. This is a casual discussion group designed to help you keep up to date on what's going on in the world and to allow you to practice your discourse in a comfortable setting.


These extra-curricular activities are for native speakers only. We are offering the following MT lessons in the first season:

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Lithuanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Turkish