About the ECA Programme

The ECA Programme Aim

Our extracurricular activities programme aims to provide students with the opportunities to cultivate and enrich existing skills and explore new areas of interest through sports, the arts, recreation, mother tongues and service. It is about fun, excitement, enjoyment and trying new things.

The Seasons

The activities programme is divided into four seasons, each one being 8 weeks long. Some activities run throughout the year, while other activities are added and omitted seasonally to ensure a variety of activities offered to students.

The Calendar

On this website, you will find a calendar with a detailed list of the current season extracurricular activities. The calendar will give you important information about the activities including descriptions, instructor’s names and locations.

Online Registration

Online registration takes place during the first week at the beginning of the school year and non-ECA time in between the seasons.

The dates when registration opens and closes are announced in the school online newsletter the "Weekly" and on Facebook.

They will be available on this site as well.

You can access the online registration from the home page of the ECA site by clicking "ECA Sign Up" button.

If you want to register your child for more that one activity, you must fill a form for each activity.

Remember to sign up your child only once for each activity.

Students can participate in only one activity in the same time slot/ on the same day. Alternation of activities during season/or attending half of an activity on the same day is not practiced.

Be aware that after the closing date for registration, no more changes can be made for the season; unless there is a cancellation of a class due to very low numbers. This decision has been made to prevent any disruption to the ECA process.

If you want to drop from an activity, notifying ECA coordinator at eca@psi.kiev.ua is required.

You can do so throughout the season for all activities.

Changes to Activities

Any changes to your child/ren’s activity schedule need to be confirmed with the homeroom teacher, bus program coordinator (lilya@psi.kiev.ua) and the ECA coordinator (eca@psi.kiev.ua) and should be done at least one day before the activity is scheduled (exceptions for emergencies only).

In case of emergency, please leave a message with the receptionist for the aforementioned staff members. This allows bus and ECA coordination to operate smoothly.

In case student misses two sessions of the same activity without notifying the ECA coordinator, he/she will be cancelled from that activity.

Cancellations of the Activities

Activities are cancelled:

  • When there is an official public holiday on the PSI calendar (all week days).
  • When there is a major school event in the gym (to be recognised and published at the beginning of the season only) requiring additional setting up or cleaning.
  • On a Friday when we break for official school holidays - October, December, February, April.

Offering Activities

We believe that with teachers, students and parents working cooperatively we can continue to improve and expand our activities programme. If you are a parent from the PSI community and have an interest in assisting or running an after school activity or know any community contact that might be of interest to the activities programme, please, feel free to contact us at anytime.