"The Nerd Heist"

One day, something out of the ordinary happened to you. You were on your way to the comic store to get a one of a kind captain america comic. Once you get inside the store you see all of the customers laying on the ground. And nerds standing above them with inhaler launchers, once one of the nerds saw you, they said “Etg no het roundg” which is pig latin for “GET ON THE GROUND” but, you’re not a nerd so you didn’t understand. All of the sudden the door slams behind you and you get swarmed by inhalers. The inhalers somehow manage to knock you out, because logic. Once you wake up you find yourself stuck in a closet that is locked, but because of cliche there are locks and you must look for clues to get out.


video_40s (webcamera.io)_1.avi