Tavelli's Literacy Team

Meet The Team:

Ms. George, 488-6769


Mrs. VanNieuwenhuizen (Mrs. V)


Mr. Pearson (Mr. P), 488-6785


Mr. Leopold, 488-6773


Mr. Daldegan, 488-6774


My child sees a literacy interventionist - what does this mean?

Tavelli's daily schedule includes a Reading IE (Intervention/Extension) block (30-40 mins) where students receive reading instruction targeted to their needs. This is in addition to the reading block in their classroom. Students may be pulled out into small groups or travel to a bigger group with another teacher in their grade level.

Our literacy team uses data from our benchmark assessments (fall, winter, and spring) to decide which skills need to be targeted and to form Reading IE groups.

Many times, our interventionists work with groups who may be performing under grade level expectations. There may also be times when an interventionist is teaching grade level skills, but in a smaller group. At other times, interventionists may be used to teach a bigger group of students much like a grade level teacher. These groups are fluid and change based upon students' needs throughout the year.

Colorado READ ACT

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (the READ Act), passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2012, focuses on early literacy development for all students and especially for students at risk for not achieving third grade reading proficiency. The READ Act focuses on kindergarten through 3rd grade literacy development, literacy assessment, and individual READ plans for students identified with a significant reading deficiency.

The READ Act requires teachers to assess the literacy development of students K-3 in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, including oral skills, reading fluency and reading comprehension.

The READ Act requires the creation and implementation of an individual intervention plan (called a READ plan) for students identified with a significant reading deficiency. A student who is reading significantly below grade level is reading a year or more below his or her current grade level.

What is a READ Plan?

Click on the READ Plan tab in the heading for more information about READ Plans including FAQs.

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