Virtual Reality in PSD

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Request the expedition kit from your school’s EdTech facilitator
  2. Your EdTech facilitator will check availability
  3. Your EdTech facilitator will confirm availability within 24 hours of your request.
  4. Your EdTech facilitator will find a time to bring kit to your school and facilitate an experience.

  • Kit Contents
    • 1 iPad Pro teacher device
    • 40 iPod Touches in ViewMaster viewers (student devices)
    • 4 USB charging blocks to charge all student devices

Preparing for Google Expeditions

Check out available expeditions

Running Expeditions with Students

Download the apps on your personal or PSD device(s): Apple App Store or Google Play

Don’t want to use Google Expeditions?

Google expeditions is ready to go but if you or your students want to create your own VR experiences, here are some options.

Available for Reservation

HTC Vive

More info here

  • Fully immersive experience with lots of educational applications.
  • Check out this list of educational uses of the Vive.
  • Reserve using the library reservation system.