K-5 Science Probes & Kits

🌏 Eco Week Kits

🌊 Water

Curricular Activities

EdTech can facilitate or simply provide materials and curricula for teachers to run six water stations at a small creek.

Probes Used

  1. 6 LabQuest 2
  2. 2 Flow Rate
  3. 1 pH
  4. 1 Dissolved Oxygen
  5. 1 Turbidity
  6. 1 Temperature
  7. 1 Kestrel Data Logger

β˜” Weather

Curricular Activities

EdTech will provide materials and/or facilitate 5 stations related to the weather. Students will investigate weather differences between school and their Eco Week location.

Probes Used

  1. 5 Garmin GPS unit
  2. 5 Labquest 2
  3. 2 Soil Moisture
  4. 2 Temperature
  5. 2 Anemometer
  6. 2 Relative Humidity
  7. 2 Light Sensor
  8. 2 each UVA/UVB Sensors
  9. 1 Kestrel data logger

β˜€ Energy

Curricular Activities

Students can investigate solar energy and generate DC current to power small electronic devices. Learn the basics of solar energy with this curricular module.

Probes Used

  1. 4 Labquest 2
  2. 4- 12V Solar Panels
  3. 4 Energy Sensor
  4. 4 Variable Load Sensor
  5. 4 Pyranometer (measures radiance)
  6. 1 Kestrel data logger

πŸ“ŽKits Correlated to State Standards

Kits contain all sensors, interfaces and science materials to run all the experiments listed below the kit title.

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⚠ Important: Logger Lite is available in the software center and must be downloaded in order to use probes

πŸ’Ύ Software Requirements

LoggerLite is available in the PSD Software Center. Simply click your windows icon and type software. Then search for LoggerLite. If you need help with LoggerLite start with this help video.

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