Biotechnology Equipment

Formerly available through the Amgen partnership with Front Range Community College

Available Equipment

2 Biotech Kits are Available for Reservation from the PSD Warehouse, each kit contains...

πŸ“ Pipettes & Tips

πŸ“ Gel Electrophoresis Chambers

πŸ“ Photodyne Equipment

πŸ“ Gel casts and combs

πŸ“ Micro-centrifuges

πŸ“ Tube racks

Need to provide your own...

βœ” Water Bath

βœ” Incubator

Want a more complete list of kit contents for planning purposes? Click here!

Vernier Bio Imaging Systems

βœ” Connect to LoggerPro for advanced gel analysis

βœ” For use with SYBR safe gel stain

βœ” 2 Imaging kits available

βœ” Click here for product information

3-Step Reservation Process

STEP ❢ Ordering Pipettes, Gel Boxes, Etc.

1. Go to > Staff > Library Search

2. Click the log in icon on the right- use PSD username (not full email) and password

3. Change first drop down menu to Curriculum/FOSS Resources

4. Search for Biotechnology Kit (fka Amgen Biotech Kit)

5. Select β€œbook resource”

6. Select your dates with the date picker. Sub-scripted numbers below the date tell you the number of KITS available. First date you pick = delivery date.

7. Click "book item" once you selected your dates (make back to back reservations if you want more than 5 days)

STEP ❷ Ordering Consumables (Spring 2017)

πŸ“Œ Make a copy of this form and email to

STEP ❸ Ordering Petri Dishes

πŸ“Œ Order any plates you would like from Deryl Keney at CSU by emailing her at

πŸ“Œ Typically, the cost for all three plates is $1.00 per lab group.

πŸ“Œ Concentration of ampicillin and arabinose in the LB plates: 100.0 Β΅g/ml ampicillin | 5.0 mg/ml arabinose

2017-2018 and Beyond...

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year each school may need to be responsible for providing the consumables formerly supplied from Susan Brown at Front Range. With the termination of the Amgen program, Susan and Heidi will be making purchases of consumables to be stored at various PSD sites.


Curriculum Modifications from PSD Teachers