K-5 Science Probes & Kits

📅 Make a Reservation

    1. Go to psdschools.org > staff > library search
    2. Click the log in icon on the right, it looks like a key- use PSD username and password
    3. Change first drop down menu to Curriculum/FOSS Resources
    4. Search for “Elementary Vernier” for a list of available materials or search for Eco Week Kits.
    5. Please select “book resource”
    6. Select your dates (none available if you see a red zero)
    7. Click "book item" to finalize your reservation.

⚠ Important: Logger Lite is available in the software center and must be downloaded in order to use probes

💾 Software Requirements

LoggerLite is available in the PSD Software Center. Simply click your windows icon and type software. Then search for LoggerLite. If you need help with LoggerLite start with this help video.