Rocky Mountain High School

Registration and Scheduling


CURRENT 9th-11th Grade Students: You will have the opportunity to sit down with your counselor to build your schedule for next year based on the classes you selected during registration in February. Please use the resources available to plan your ideal schedule and bring that with you to your appointment.

Your appointment time will be posted outside of Student Services on Friday, April 22nd. If you miss your scheduled time, your counselor will build your schedule for you. If there is a conflict with your scheduled appointment time, please email your counselor. Counselor emails are located HERE.

CURRENT 8th Grade Students, your counselor will build your 9th grade schedule based on what you sign up for in February 2022.

Opportunities to make changes to your schedule:

  • Current 11th Grade Students - If you need to make a change to your schedule concerning a graduation requirement, you can come in between 12-2pm on Tuesday, May 3rd to talk to your counselor

  • All other schedule changes - Come in between 12-3pm on May 24th to talk to your counselor

  • Meet with your counselor in August