Mr. Raugewitz Sixth Grade Math

Sixth Grade Math

Welcome to Mr. Raugewitz's math class at Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School. In this class we will have fun learning new math skills and discovering new ways to approach the math we already know. I will challenge you to be creative, innovative, work collaboratively, problem solve, and communicate your thinking on paper and verbally. In this class all students can feel safe to take risks and make mistakes. The math we will be doing this year includes math from the Colorado Academic Standards (Common Core) as well as skills from the Standards for Mathematical Practice, 21st Century skills, and much more. I am excited to have you in my class and for us to learn together!

This website is designed to keep you up to date if you miss class, provide resources, communicate with your classmates, and even as a place to find and complete assignments. Please make sure you are accessing the correct class, which can be found in the header or below. The descriptions of each class come directly from Poudre School District Curriculum Guides.

Students will expand upon their knowledge of whole numbers and decimals formed in previous grades to include operations of multi-digit decimals and rational numbers. During the course of the year students will use their knowledge of rational numbers to write and solve equations and inequalities, analyze geometric shapes, and organize and evaluate data displays. Students will explore the concepts of area, surface area, and volume.