Lopez Winter Program 2018

Winter Memories and Melodies

Hello and welcome to the Lopez winter program practice website! Use the drop down menu at the top right or click on the following links to find the portion of the program you need!

Winter Program 2018: Winter Memories and Melodies at Rocky Mountain High School.

K/1 starts at 6:30 (please drop of students to the mini theater by 6:15).

2/3 starts at 7:05 (please drop off students to the choir room by 6:50).

4/5 starts at 7:45 (please drop off students to the band room by 7:30).

You may retrieve your students after their performance. If you have students in multiple grades, please pick up the younger ones after their performance so they can see their older siblings perform.

Your students have been working very hard on their performance and we're excited to celebrate the season with you and yours!