Welcome to the 5th Grade Student Showcase for Lopez Elementary, a Leader in Me School. As a culmination of all our leadership and technology learning, 5th graders work on passion projects. We are able to offer an Innovation Station (funded through OtterCares), and other hands-on STEM tools from our local Rotary club and the Poudre School District Foundation SPIE grant. Use the website to follow the progress of our leaders as they practice habit 8, Find Your Voice. Visit the 5th Grade Archive Website to find past projects.

As we pursue our passion projects, we affirm the following:

I am*...

  1. an empowered learner
  2. a digital citizen
  3. a knowledge constructor
  4. an innovative designer
  5. a computational thinker
  6. a creative communicator
  7. a global collaborator

*adapted from https://www.iste.org/standards/standards/for-students-2016