You are on a road trip alone in the mountains and find yourself lost in a strange dark road. You soon find a small town close by. You're so hungry that you would about to eat just about anywhere, you find a peculiar bakery open and that’s the only place around the town to eat. You really needed to eat something. So you decided to walk in and get a quick snack. You take a bite of a delicious muffin , Next thing you know you feel a little nauseous. you make what seemed to be the right decision and tell the man that served you food that you feel poorly. Not too long after (you think) you find yourself in a strange van, assumed you passed out and the ambulance came to get you. You attempted to go back to sleep , then you feel a sudden stop and a couple seconds later you hear a door slam shut. You want to get out of the strange dark van. You sluggishly get out of the peculiar box you were sleeping on, you still feel sick but you really just want to go to the hospital. And you don't want to wait in this van for much longer You make an effort to open the door but it's locked! it is strange that it is locked from the inside, and on top of that there is a number code. By now you know something strange is going on. There had to be a key somewhere in the van. You look around for clues, but this is just the beginning.


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This was the image of the kidnap car! Police invastigated .. figured out it was Nov E. levince .

He had to start the car to take her to the mysterious house ! License plate SD ( 2016 )