2022 Learner Profile Pledge


Students chose to take action at Learner Profile Pledge stations.


Families check out photos of students taking action.


Families make financial donations & congratulate students.

Our spring fundraiser is in line with our school mission statement, "Dunn engages and empowers globally minded learners, inspiring them to take positive action that impacts our world". Everyday, we get to see our conscientious youth take their learning into action and make the world a better and more peaceful place. They are living out the attributes of the IB learner profile.

We polled our 4th and 5th graders, asking them to rank the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in order of their 'top ten priorities for the future'. Stations were made according to their choices and learner profile traits were matched with each goal. 5th graders Eila, Lilia, Claire, Hayes, Stella and Julia researched infographics on each goal and wrote elementary school student capable pledges for each station. All students attended the stations during their school day. According to their own interests for the future, students chose at which stations to learn, take action and make a learner profile pledge.

Please help us get the word out to our students' families and friends! Schools rely on community fundraising for assemblies, field trips, guest speakers, special events and more. Our former fundraiser, 'Spell-a-thon', typically brought in around $20,000. We are hopeful our 'Learner Profile Pledge' will do the same. Feel free to share this site to share your students' actions. Consider consolidating your families' and friends' donations by accepting their cash, Venmo, PayPal and then making one donation via check or SchoolPay on everyone's behalf!