Breakout EDU: Crime Walk Gone Wrong

You were innocently strolling down the lane on your daily crime walk. You saw a particularly nice house. It towered a whopping three stories, lion heads were engraved on the walls, and had a luxurious pool complete with a hot tub and water slide! Your mouth was drooling with envy as you crept through the chimney. The lights were out. “Ahh good I won’t have to use my gun today!” you thought as you slunk through the hallways gaping at the magnificent spectacle of a mansion. Flat screens, bear skin rugs, exotic furniture, and not to my supersize, golden silverware. While you walk through to kitchen you glance at the fridge and see a thief's best friend, a calendar! You skim through the pages find today’s date and all is revealed. The resident is taking a yoga class until 7:00 P.M., It’s 5:58 P.M.

While you rummage through the attic you hear the door creak behind pounce around, expecting to see the owner. It’s just the wind. You turn your back and get back to your business. You hear the door close. “Uh, Oh,” wishfully you walk towards the door and grasp the knob. “Rats, locked!” How will I escape? You pear at the door, there are five locks...

P.S. (There are no other door, or windows.)